Winter time is commonly known as “red tag” season when a simple check of your furnace can lead to it being shut down. Seeking a second opinion is a sensible option, to be certain your furnace was not “red tagged” needlessly. It has happened to many of us after a simple maintenance check; your furnace is shut off in the dead of winter. One company estimates that as many as half the furnaces are being red tagged for no reason, and/or the repair may be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Even people who are conscientious about maintaining their furnace encounter this issue. If your furnace has been “red-tagged” by someone else, give Bruce Mechanical Ltd. a call for a second opinion. And as always, its best not to wait until winter to get your furnace checked. Spring and summer, when the heating season is over, is the best time for furnace maintenance, so if there is a problem, you’re not stuck without heat during the winter months.

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