As the beginning of fall approaches it is important to consider the health of your furnace. You may want to make an appointment for its annual check up before the cold nights of autumn start.

There are various downsides to not performing this annual check up such as; the system will wear out quicker, and it could release deadly carbon monoxide into your home. Annual servicing is relatively cheap when held up against purchasing an entire new furnace, which could be the result of lack of maintenance.

Regardless of the type of system you have, whether it’s oil-burning forced-air furnace or a gas system, the annual check is very similar on these two systems. The service professional will have a list of components that will need to be analyzed, tested, and they will ensure that the system falls within proper operational and safety limits.

Maintaining your furnace is a major factor in providing a safe, healthy, and comfortable living environment for your family.

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